About Us

A Hiring Platform Built Just for the Cleaning Industry

Cleaning Network Worldwide was built because like you, we were tired of facing the same challenges over and over when hiring Cleaning Professionals. We’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years and have seen first-hand how hard it can be to find reliable staff.

On the other side, we also saw how frustrated cleaners were with jobs that didn’t reflect their value, skills or hard work; they needed a site that helped them market themselves as the true professionals they are.

We realized a hiring website needed to be created just for the cleaning industry; one that got the ins-and-outs of the business and could find solutions to the problems faced by both cleaners and employers. Cleaning Network Worldwide was created to bring together reliable, hard-working Cleaning Professionals and Cleaning Companies who value them.

We want to make the industry better, where hiring is easier and good work is recognized. Ready to take the next step towards a brighter future in the cleaning industry? Sign up today to start your journey.

We’re Not Just Different from Other Hiring Platforms.
We’re Better...

First, we needed to understand why turnover was so high.

  • Cleaning Companies had difficulty finding reliable, dependable, honest cleaners. Traditional hiring websites yielded underqualified and disappointing job candidates.

  • Cleaning Professionals would change positions quickly if they found another job with a higher rate because they felt undervalued at their current company.

We understood these problems had to be fixed before turnover could be lowered. Our process addresses them in two ways:

For Cleaning Companies


  • Providing Cleaning Companies with a database of Cleaning Professionals who are experienced, highly-qualified and get the industry. They are members because they want to be, which shows their dedication to their work. 

  • Allowing Cleaning Companies to save time and money by eliminating the lengthy job posting process. Instead of posting a job and waiting for candidates to apply, we give them a database with filters to find candidates that meet their exact specifications. They won’t waste money on onboarding and training when they know they are hiring quality cleaners.

For Cleaning Professionals


  • Providing Cleaning Professionals with tools and resources to market themselves as the true professionals they are. They are able to define their own value and learn more about how to be the type of employee who succeeds in their career.

  • Allowing Cleaning Professionals to save time and energy when job searching. They fill out their Professional Profile once, and then check their messages to see which employers reach out for interviews.

For both Cleaning Companies and Cleaning Professionals, our process of finding quality job candidates and quality job positions is seamless, easy and produces results. Still want to know more? Watch this video to understand exactly how our process works!