Start Growing Your Cleaning Company in as Little as 30 days!

Start Growing Your Cleaning Company in as Little as 30 days!

Build an Infrastructure to
Attract Clients to
Your Cleaning Company

Whether your cleaning company has been around for a while, or you’re just getting started, your cleaning company needs an online presence to attract new clients. One of the main strategies to grow your cleaning company is to establish a brand, get online, and promote your business.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure quality contracts today, because your cleaning company lacks the online credibility and reliable cleaning staff to compete. Times have changed for all businesses, and your cleaning company is no exception. As you wait to save up the resources to hire a web developer or indulge in countless hours of scattered information, you’re losing current clients and you aren’t any closer to gaining new clients or contracts.

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Implement Today’s Innovative Growth Strategies for the Cleaning Industry

You have chosen to be in a recession-proof industry, but that doesn’t mean your cleaning company can endure consistent cancellations and the inability to grow. There are tried-and-true methods to keep your cleaning company afloat, but your lack of innovation can leave you working inside of your cleaning company opposed to owning it. You may have the basic certifications you need and provide stellar customer service, but only a select few know who you are. You’re probably ready to take your cleaning company to the next level, but outsourcing your growth is something you can’t afford to do.

We’ve been in the cleaning industry for over 40 years so we understand your current difficulties. We also know the hurdles cleaning companies have to go through to build an infrastructure to grow and retain cleaners. That’s why we’ve built a community specifically to help you build a sustainable and unique cleaning company you’ll be proud to promote.

Optimize and Get Your Cleaning Company Online by Becoming a Member Today

When you become a member of Cleaning Network Worldwide, you’ll have unlimited access to our ongoing resources. We immediately help you start or optimize your cleaning company’s online presence and provide continuous resources like marketing strategies, videos, and blogs to grow your cleaning company over time. Your cleaning company has access to over 40 years of experience that provides you with a plan we are confident will take your cleaning company to the next level.

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Our Simplified Process to Attract Clients
and Reduce Overhead


Understand Your Brand

We’ve compiled the information and exercises you need to understand what makes your cleaning company unique. Our cleaning company growth process will get you actively thinking about what differentiates your cleaning company from the competition and take the work out of uncovering how you can stand out from the crowd.


Build Your Online Presence

Becoming a member of Cleaning Network Worldwide, empowers your cleaning company to get online fast. We walk you through what it takes to build a credible cleaning company to get ahead of your competition. You’ll even get recommendations on free resources that ramps your cleaning company up quickly to become a top player in the cleaning industry.


Promote Your Business

Your membership unlocks the ability to navigate popular advertisers like Google and Facebook. When clients want to find your cleaning company online, especially locally, you know you’ll be found. The great news is, we won’t stop here. As you continue your membership with us, we’ll unfold more strategies to create a cleaning company that is ahead of the competition.


Control Labor Costs

Searching for Cleaning Professionals is easy. After you spend time reviewing our resources, you can quickly “Search Members” and find the Cleaning Professionals that already meet your requirements. If you’d like to proceed with an interview, message them directly. Cleaning Professionals are already interview-ready and will receive an immediate notification when you reach out.

When You’re Ready to Hire Quality Cleaners, We Have You Covered

When your cleaning company achieves the growth you’re striving for, you’ll need to hire and retain quality cleaners. With that, your default thinking will probably lead you to explore large hiring sites to do the hiring for you. Don’t! You may gain immediate satisfaction when you post your cleaning position and receive a healthy volume of interested applicants, but most of the candidates you obtain aren’t qualified.

Although the sheer magnitude of interest for your job post may be exciting, your cleaning company still has to review each applicant and decide whether you want to move forward in the interview process. This repeated cycle is inefficient and costly, especially if you’ve hired someone specifically to handle your staffing needs full-time.

By using well-known hiring sites, you are more likely to cost your cleaning company $150 per month just for your job post to be seen. This rate does not guarantee that a cleaner will apply to your job opening, nor does it account for the hours spent posting the cleaning position. If your cleaning company wants to increase the likelihood that you will secure a quality Cleaning Professional, be willing to pay $249 per month depending on the number of jobs you need to post and resumes you have to download before you can begin interviewing. Not to mention, these hiring sites will not assist your cleaning company with resources to help your cleaning company grow to continue to hire.

As you grow, your average turnover rate will range from 200% – 400% and you’ll need to start addressing the key factors that cause turnover in the first place:

  • Low Wages
  • Location
  • Training and Accountability
  • Other job opportunities
  • No incentives
  • Unfavorable Boss 
  • Feeling Undervalued

With Cleaning Network Worldwide, you can grow and streamline your hiring process simultaneously. As a Cleaning Company member, you’ll receive the information you need from Cleaning Professionals upfront, like their desired pay. We give your cleaning company the ability to move beyond the foreseeable turnover and deliver quality service at competitive rates.

As a Member of Cleaning Network Worldwide, Your Growing Company Doesn’t Pay for Each Job Post.

Hire for as Many Positions as You Need, When You Need it for Less!

Hiring SiteJob PostingsMembership Fee

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Land Even More Contracts by Hiring and Retaining Unlimited Quality Cleaners for Less

Cleaning Network Worldwide directly addresses the issue of growth and high turnover in the cleaning industry. With over 40 years of experience, we understand how pointless and frustrating other hiring sites can be when turnover remains the same or increases over time. As a result, we created the ONLY digital hiring platform that allows you to filter through Cleaning Professionals based on your specific needs. So now, you can start interviewing in minutes, not weeks.

When you become a member of Cleaning Network Worldwide, you will not only save time and money on your hiring efforts, but you also gain the ability to use our resources to help your cleaning company grow.

Cleaning Network Worldwide assists your cleaning company in various growth stages and nurtures you through the hiring process when you’re ready. As a Cleaning Company Member, expect to:

  • Remove the stress of who and where to hire.

  • Search candidates with a simple filter that puts you in control, saving you time on hiring, so you can begin to scale your business.

  • Keep contracts longer because your experienced cleaning staff will have the necessary skills and training required to get the job done.

  • Set competitive rates in the cleaning industry. As a result, you will obtain more contracts in your area and beyond.

  • Offer your clients the best rates in their area because your team is vetted and has a lower than average turnover rate.

  • Increase chances of a contract renewal with clients due to consistent, reliable, quality work.

Establish an Infrastructure to Start Landing More Contracts and Reduce Your Labor Costs Today!

We Provide Immediate Access to Get Your Cleaning Company Online in Less Than 30 Days When You Start Your Cleaning Company Membership

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Cleaning Network Worldwide wants to give your cleaning company the power to grow. With a combination of using our resources to get your cleaning company online and hiring quickly, your company can start to see steady growth. 

Only members of Cleaning Network Worldwide get access to an exclusive growth process that will:

  • Build your brand
  • Create a logo for free
  • Get your cleaning company online for less than the cost of your current hiring platform
  • Provide exclusive cleaning industry digital marketing strategies
  • Empower you with resources to get your cleaning company online

Get Our Exclusive Growth Process for Cleaning Companies

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  • Free tools compiled for your cleaning company
  • Free exercises to get your messaging right
  • Pro tips from digital marketing experts
  • Free cleaning Industry digital marketing tactics

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Grow Your Cleaning Company and Quality Cleaning Staff Fast!

Your Cleaning Company Membership gives you immediate access to search Cleaning Professionals who:

We Help You Get Ahead of Turnover and Keep Steady Growth with Ongoing Resources

As a member of Cleaning Network Worldwide, your cleaning company not only saves money on onboarding and training, but you know you have hired a reliable and professional cleaning staff.

Imagine if your cleaning company reduced turnover by 50%. Assuming your turnover is below average at 200%, you will see a savings of $150,000!

$1,500 (Employee Cost) X 100 Additional Employees Needed to Account for Turnover (50% Turnover Reduction) = $150,000 Savings

Even a turnover rate reduction of 5% can yield your cleaning company a savings of $15,000, and your potential for revenue compounds over time as you continuously take the necessary steps to hire and grow your cleaning staff.

Start directly impacting the main contributing factors of high turnover in the cleaning industry when you sign up today!

  • Low Wages – Candidates set their prices. So you know you are paying what your Cleaning Professional expects for their skill set.


  • Location – Candidates tell you where they can work, which avoids hiring them for inconvenient jobs.


  • Training and Accountability – You will inadvertently spend time training and holding your staff accountable when you get your focus off of retaining talent. Your cleaning company will move on to setting clear expectations with your cleaning staff and giving them more opportunities for career advancement.


  • Other job opportunities – Your Cleaning Professionals will have more job opportunities because your savings go into avenues for advancement, incentives, and recognition.


  • No incentives – When you reduce your turnover, you can offer your cleaning staff more incentives.


  • Unfavorable Boss – Your cleaning staff will view you as a favorable boss because you started your relationship with an understanding of their value. So they will gain all the positive effects of a boss who is focusing on keeping a quality cleaning staff.


  • Feeling Undervalued – No problem here, you already pay your cleaning staff a fair wage from the beginning.

Get Started With a 7-Day Risk Free Trial Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not provide cleaning services or cleaning supplies. We are an online job site that connects cleaning professionals with prospective employers.

To make the process as simple as possible, all memberships renew automatically every month. You can cancel your membership by emailing us at [email protected]

This is a platform exclusively for cleaning professionals whereas other traditional hiring sites are open to all industries and employers. This exclusivity increases the odds of making meaningful connections between cleaning professionals and employers.

Whether you’re a talented cleaner, salesperson or operations manager, our Cleaning Professional Membership is for you. We designed this membership level for anyone seeking employment opportunities within the cleaning industry. When you join as a new member, you can specify your positions of interest on your customizable profile.

What Your Cleaning Company is Already Missing Out On:

  • Hiring the wrong employee can cause a 41% decrease in total staff productivity.

  • The wrong hire can cost employers an average of $17,000.

  • Using current hiring methods, managers only have a 50% success rate.

  • Hiring quality employees can increase your profit margin by 24%.

You Deserve the Best

Cleaning Network Worldwide was built just for you: to help make your professional and personal life easier. Being a member has many benefits, but one of the biggest values you’ll find is that we honor your part in the cleaning industry and have created a site that exemplifies that.

We’re not just another job site. We are a community-your community-and we invite you to be a part of it.

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