Get a Cleaning Career that Brings You the Steady Paycheck, Schedule, and Job Security you Need, Today!

Get a Cleaning Career that Brings You the Steady Paycheck, Schedule, and Job Security you need, today!

The Cleaning Industry is Expected to Earn $50 BILLION Dollars by 2026!

By becoming a member of Cleaning Network Worldwide, you get access to a piece of the billion dollar pie! With over 40 years of cleaning industry experience, we know other hiring sites don’t care if you find a job or not, let alone an actual career. Although other hiring sites may make it easy to apply by “swiping right,” you are still expected to search through millions of jobs. We’ve been through the painful process of spending countless hours searching and applying for cleaning jobs that don’t result in the steady career and income you’re looking for. On larger hiring sites, you know your time and effort doesn’t equal the opportunity you deserve or have been looking for.

You’re another number on a job site that hires for every job across the nation. It becomes your job to find what fits you, opposed to the right opportunity wanting and needing your specific set of skills. Larger job sites don’t cater to the cleaning industry, because they aren’t experts. Not to mention, you don’t have the ability to showcase how dependable, adaptable, and independent you are as a Cleaning Professional.

Instead, you wait around hoping that your resume is good enough to get you the interview of a lifetime. You’ll continue to wait, application after application, because you’re one of thousands applying to the same job. Everyone is using these big name job sites. We know because we were left with no other options ourselves. We also know that you’ve become a resume and not a Cleaning Professional. You’re that person that can fill a temporary “urgently hiring” gap and not a long term team member. You’re just someone else in the pile of digital resumes that need to be reviewed but may never make the cut. Stop chasing the cleaning career you’ve been looking for and start thinking about a hiring platform that caters to your industry specifically.

Sign Up for Our Cleaning Professional Profile Membership for FREE

  • Stop chasing jobs. cleaning companies will message you directly to start the interview process!

  • Filling out your Cleaning Professional Profile, that includes a photo of yourself, will put you front and center for cleaning companies to hire you directly!

  • Completing your Cleaning Professional Profile gives you a dedicated link to share.

Cleaning Network Worldwide is the ONLY Cleaning Industry Hiring Platform Designed to Bring Cleaning Companies Directly to You!

As a member of Cleaning Network Worldwide, you get 40 years of cleaning industry knowledge at your fingertips. We understand that the cleaning industry has been overlooked and underappreciated for a long time. That’s why we created a hiring community just for you, a Cleaning Professional. You’re not a number, you’re a professional who sets their value, schedule, job preferences, location, and more!

In this wavering economy, you know the cleaning industry is and will always be essential. So
having a platform that caters to an industry that is recession proof is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Cleaning Network Worldwide was built for Cleaning Professionals who have been looking for careers, not just jobs, in the cleaning industry. When you become a member, you’ll gain immediate access to your personal Professional Profile. Once your Professional Profile is completed, cleaning companies will reach out to you directly for an interview.

Our Cleaning Professional Profile membership is Free. You can upgrade to our Premium Cleaning Professional Membership at any time to get access to our cleaning industry resources that helps you advance your career, start a cleaning company, or steadily grow the small cleaning company you already have.

We Make Getting the Cleaning Career You’ve Been Searching for Easy With Our Simple Process

You’re a click away from beginning our simple process. It will take you 5 minutes to get access to your personal Professional Profile. Here’s how:


Step 1: Sign Up

Click the “Join Free” button now to checkout for FREE!


Step 2: Sign In

Check your email for your automated username. You created your password during checkout so you can sign in right away.


Step 3: Complete Profile

Fill out your Cleaning Professional Profile to the best of your ability


Step 4: Get Hired

Login to see who’s viewed your profile or if you’ve been contacted by a Cleaning Company


Step 5: Check Back Often

The only work you have to do is login often and continue to improve your Professional Profile.


Step 6: Resources

Remember that you can upgrade your membership at any time to get access to career advancing resources specifically for the cleaning industry like interviewing tips.

Sign Up Now for a Free Cleaning Professional Profile Membership!

Spend 10 minutes or less filling out your profile and cleaning companies will message you directly. We’ve provided a sneak peek below of what a Cleaning Professional Membership looks like!

You’re closer than you think to finding a high-quality cleaning career. which means a stable paycheck, career credibility and a sense of security. So instead of wasting 10 minutes, use it to make your life better!

There’s No Obligations and It’s FREE to Join

We know you’re more valuable than the job sites you’ve been using in the past.

You’re missing out on your opportunity by hunting down cleaning jobs you hope are a good fit for you. Let the Cleaning Companies come directly to you with the cleaning career, you deserve.

Using the hiring tools you’re familiar with to get a cleaning job, not a career, will make you repeat the time-consuming process we know is hit or miss. That’s why we’re here. 

Get started today for free. Even better, keep using the job sites you’re used to, but add us to your list of resources to land you the cleaning career you’re after, and we’re sure you’ll see the difference. It’s free right now so you don’t have anything to lose but an opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you decide to take advantage of our limited time offer, your Cleaning Professional membership will remain FREE. That’s our way of saying thank you!

We do not provide cleaning services or cleaning supplies. We are an online job site that connects cleaning professionals with prospective employers.

To make the process as simple as possible, all memberships renew automatically every month. You can cancel your membership by emailing us at [email protected]

This is a platform exclusively for cleaning professionals whereas other traditional hiring sites are open to all industries and employers. This exclusivity increases the odds of making meaningful connections between cleaning professionals and employers.

Whether you’re a talented cleaner, salesperson or operations manager, our Cleaning Professional Membership is for you. We designed this membership level for anyone seeking employment opportunities within the cleaning industry. When you join as a new member, you can specify your positions of interest on your customizable profile.

Here’s What You’ve Been Missing

  • In 2019, growth in the cleaning industry went up 7%; outpacing other industries in the United States.
  • The average pay for Cleaning Professionals is $13.19 an hour, almost twice as much as the National Minimum Wage.

  • Job opportunity is increasing, as demand for cleaning positions is on trend to increase by 75% in 2020.

You Deserve the Best

Cleaning Network Worldwide was built just for you: to help make your professional and personal life easier. Being a member has many benefits, but one of the biggest values you’ll find is that we honor your part in the cleaning industry and have created a site that exemplifies that.

We’re not just another job site. We are a community-your community-and we invite you to be a part of it.

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