Cleaning Network Worldwide Connects Cleaning Talent and Employers

We create an easier and more efficient way to hire employees. Want to know more about how our job platform works for you?  Click the button below that best describes your current position:

Cleaning Network Worldwide Connects Cleaning Talent and Employers

We create an easier and more efficient way to hire employees. Want to know more about how our job platform works for you?  Click the button below that best describes your current position:

What is Cleaning Network Worldwide?

Cleaning Network Worldwide is a professional cleaning network and online job site built specifically for the cleaning industry, so our members aren’t wasting their valuable time on other job sites that aren’t meeting their needs. Every job, every employee and every piece of content is focused on the cleaning industry and is relevant to you.

As a Cleaning Professional Member, you’ll gain access to rewarding employment opportunities and educational resources through our professional cleaning network that are designed to help you make yourself more marketable.

As a Cleaning Company Member, you’ll be able to hire from a pool of dedicated, hard-working employees that care about the work they do.

Looking for a cleaning position? Looking to hire cleaning professionals? You’re in the right place.

Cleaning Professionals:
Know Your Value

At Cleaning Network Worldwide, we know the job isn’t always easy, and we know how hard you work. We see value and worth in what you do, and we want to help you market that value on our site. How do we do this? By giving you a profile to complete that helps set you up as a true professional. Each section is meant to highlight your skills, your professionalism and your dedication. So, when employers are browsing through profiles, yours stands out.

Being a Cleaning Professional Member means owning your worth and controlling your destiny.

Cleaning Professionals


Save Time and Energy

Unlike other job sites that make you apply for jobs over and over again, we have made the job hunt simple. With us, you create a profile one time, and then the jobs come to you! Simply check your email to see which jobs you’ve been matched with.


Get Connected with High-Quality Jobs

Instead of using other sites to browse through jobs that don’t really apply to you, by being a member with us, you know that every job match will be relevant to you. You’ll also be directly connected with employers through our site, so instead of applying for a job and wondering if you’ll ever hear back, employers can contact you directly.


Your Community is Our Community, too

We know the industry because we are the industry. We’ve been in the cleaning industry in various ways for more than 40 years, which means we know what matters to you. We want to make your life better by making the job search process better and faster, so you feel secure knowing we’ve got your best interest at heart.


Profile Membership is FREE

There’s no better price than free. We know that in today’s world, many people have to make each dollar count, which is why for our profile membership won’t cost you a dime. The only thing not signing up will cost you, is a missed job opportunity!

Cleaning Companies:
Know Who You're Hiring

We understand that the number one concern you have as an employer is turnover. In the cleaning industry, the turnover rate is more than 200%–by far one of the highest in comparison with other industries. Cleaning Network Worldwide was built to help address high turnover in commercial cleaner services by providing employers with a pool of highly qualified, dedicated Cleaning Professionals. By being a member of our platform, these employees are already taking measures to prove they are a notch above the rest.

The best employees are here, and they are waiting to be hired by you.

Cleaning Companies


Access to the Best Cleaning Talent

Our site was built to help Cleaning Professionals view themselves exactly as that: professionals. When an employee values themself and feels appreciated, they are more likely to work harder, stay loyal to their position and company and have a well-rounded demeanor. Cleaning Professionals on our site are members for a reason; they want to be here. Which means they are ready to work, and ready to show you their worth.


Improved Company Culture

When employees want to be at their job, they are happier and more productive. Creating a healthy company culture ensures that employees will be there with a positive attitude and realize the benefit of working for you. Our online job platform was built to feel like a community and establish a professional, valid connection between Cleaning Professionals and Cleaning Companies, which will start the relationship off on the right foot and can translate into a more positive in-person work environment.


Lower Turnover Rate

If an employee feels loyalty to their company, they are more likely to work hard and stay in their position longer. Our professional cleaning network site was built to create a community for both you and Cleaning Professionals, which means they will feel more invested in the interview and hiring process. The early connection established by our matching process will help employees feel dedicated to your company and if hired, will feel moved to be dedicated and loyal to their position.


Seamless Candidate Search

Unlike other recruitment sites, we won’t ask you to post jobs and browse through candidates that aren’t relevant to the position. Our process is much more simple, and much more innovative. Cleaning Professionals fill out a dynamic profile and then you search through them, narrowing down your search by using filters that allow you to find the perfect employee with the exact experience you are looking for. Being a Cleaning Company Member means you will not only have access to the best employees, but you’ll find the right candidate fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not provide cleaning services or cleaning supplies. We are an online job site that connects cleaning professionals with prospective employers.

To make the process as simple as possible, all memberships renew automatically every month. You can cancel your membership by emailing us at [email protected]

This is a platform exclusively for cleaning professionals whereas other traditional hiring sites are open to all industries and employers. This exclusivity increases the odds of making meaningful connections between cleaning professionals and employers.

Whether you’re a talented cleaner, salesperson or operations manager, our Cleaning Professional Membership is for you. We designed this membership level for anyone seeking employment opportunities within the cleaning industry. When you join as a new member, you can specify your positions of interest on your customizable profile.

Cleaning Professionals Join Today for Free

Our Cleaning Professional Profile Membership is free and you can upgrade at anytime, so make sure to join today!

You Deserve the Best

Cleaning Network Worldwide was built just for you: to help make your professional and personal life easier. Being a member has many benefits, but one of the biggest values you’ll find is that we honor your part in the cleaning industry and have created a site that exemplifies that.

We’re not just another job site. We are a community-your community-and we invite you to be a part of it.

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