10 Tips That Will Get You Hired Quickly

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As an independent cleaner, you may be struggling to find the work and clients necessary to stay afloat. Perhaps you’re struggling to advertise yourself effectively, or simply beat out other cleaners to win the work being offered by clients in your area. In this situation, one of the most beneficial things you can do is join a cleaning company!

Cleaning companies give cleaning personnel access to a range of new clients, equipment, knowledge, training and are also generally better advertised than the sort of marketing you may have been able to run for yourself. It may also be the case that cleaners who belong to established companies are more likely to be hired by clients, as established cleaning companies are often seen as being more reputable than cleaners who simply operate independently.

With that in mind, here are ten tips that will allow you to get hired quickly by a top cleaning company, expanding your opportunities and allowing you to maximize your earnings.

1. Join a Cleaning Network!

Looking for companies who are hiring new employees could be quite a long process in itself. Why not make it easier by joining a cleaning network, such as Cleaning Network Worldwide?

Joining a cleaning network won’t just speed up the process by potentially matching you with the perfect company for you, but will demonstrate to employers that you are keen to work.

2. Put Together a Great Resume

Any successful job hunt in any line of work always starts with putting together an impressive resume.

It may seem difficult if you’re just starting out as a cleaner and do not have a lot of professional cleaning experience, but that’s not to say that the experience that you’ve gathered in other previous jobs isn’t just as valuable.

The majority of customer facing jobs, such as working in retail or in the hospitality industry, still require their employees to clean up at the end of the working day – don’t underestimate the experience that these sorts of jobs give you when it comes to cleaning.

Keep in mind, too, that being able to provide great customer service is also important in the cleaning industry. A cleaning company will almost certainly keep great customer service skills in mind when they’re on the lookout for a new team member, so including such jobs in your resume can only work to your advantage.

3. Gather References

If you have worked as a cleaner independently already, ask previous clients to provide references and testimonials that will demonstrate to prospective employers that you’d make a valuable addition to their team.

The recommendations of previous happy clients are a great resource to have, as it will show that you are able to provide a high quality service and impress the company’s clients.

If you don’t have professional cleaning experience, it’s still worth gathering references from previous employers, as your potential new employer will keep such testimonials in mind when making their decision.

4. Brush up on Your Knowledge

Brush up on your cleaning knowledge ahead of the interview! It’s not unusual for interviewers at cleaning companies to ask prospective new team members questions which will indicate their level of skill, such as asking how you’d approach a certain cleaning task or what product/equipment you’d use.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with best practices, just in case you are asked.

5. Be Confident and Friendly

We’ve already talked about the importance of customer service! Your prospective employers will likely use your confidence and friendliness during an interview as an indicator of the manner you’d take with clients.

Present yourself as confident in your abilities and in your approach to new people and remember to come across as friendly as you can!

6. Be Passionate

Present yourself as passionate and enthusiastic about the work that you do. Cleaning is something which, in our own homes, we often see as a task or a chore – as a result, we often do the bare minimum. With paying clients, that’s just not enough.

Demonstrate a passion for the work that will give employers the impression that you genuinely care about what you do and will be willing to go the extra mile.

7. Be Open to Learning New Skills

Your prospective employer may ask you about your current cleaning skills. However limited these might be, a ‘no’ isn’t enough!

For example, if your interviewer asks you whether or not you’re proficient in the use of steam cleaners and you know that you are not, don’t simply tell them ‘no’ – instead, use a phrase like ‘not at the moment, but I’m certainly keen to learn’.

This will demonstrate that you’re enthusiastic and open to training, which will look great to new employers.

8. Be Open to a Trial Period

As with many jobs, your employer may ask you to complete a trial shift or week before taking you onto their team full-time – be open to doing this if you’re asked.

Remember, cleaning is very much a job where your quality of work has to be seen in person! It’s normal for companies to ask you to demonstrate these skills to them prior to being taken on for full employment.

9. Know Why You Want to Join the Team

If you’ve been working independently prior to your interview, your potential employer may ask why you’ve decided to look into joining a cleaning company rather than carrying on alone.

While this may be financially motivated, try not to lead with this! Instead, use the opportunity to expand your skills and work with other experienced cleaners, as well as the opportunity for career progression, as your motivators.

10. Keep Clients at the Center of Your Work

Make pleasing the client a driving force in the work that you do, and demonstrate this ethos to your potential employers.

Cleaning companies are looking for team members who will act as the best possible representatives for their organization, so make sure you’re showing that that’s you! The client is at the center of everything any good cleaning company stands for, so make sure that the client is at the center of your work ethic, too.

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