How to Create a Professional Email Address for Your Cleaning Company

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No matter how skilled you and your team of cleaners may be, maximizing your opportunity to secure new business is often all about the way your company presents themselves to potential new clients!

While marketing is, of course, one very important aspect of this, the actual branding of your company should always be your starting point. There are a few different parts of your company branding that you want to get right in order to give off the best impression you can to new customers, including a professional logo, website and, of course, email address.

As you’ll need your email address in order to contact clients, cleaners and anyone helping you to build your logo or site, this is definitely the best place to start. With that in mind, here are a few tips on creating a professional email address for your cleaning company.

Secure a Custom Email Domain

While you can, of course, create an email address with a variety of different email providers for free, it doesn’t always look the most professional. Start by securing a custom email domain, so that the suffix (the term to the right of the @ symbol) matches the name of your cleaning company. For example, ending in @johnscleaningcompany.com, @westcoastcleaners.com, etc.

Email addresses which feature a common suffix, such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo, never look quite as official as those which feature the company name, so this is a sure fire way to make your emails look instantly more official and professional!

 It also helps to make your email address less long-winded and more memorable to potential customers who are looking to get in touch.

There are a wide range of providers online which will allow you to create a custom email address for your company and they are usually very reasonably priced, too! This is a small, very affordable change and is easy to implement, but will make all the difference when clients come to contact you.

Consider the Beginning of Your Email Address

Of course, if you were to use a standard email domain, like the well-known email address domains mentioned above, then the beginning of your address would likely just be the name of your company.

However, if you take our advice and purchase a custom address, then the name of your company will appear in the middle… so what should you put at the start?

The best thing to do is to use a word which commonly appears at the beginning of an email address where potential clients are expected to direct their inquiries. Commonly used words include ‘info’ and ‘staff’ – for example, [email protected]

This is perhaps best used for larger companies, companies who mainly deal with corporate clients or companies whose emails are handled by more than one member of the team.

For smaller companies or companies whose emails are handled by one person (usually the owner) who may wish to maintain a professional, yet more personal feel, it might be best to use a name at the front of your address. For example, [email protected] – this is easy for clients to remember and gives the interaction a more friendly, familiar feel.

It’s completely up to you which way you go for in the end, but consider which one will suit your company’s image the best and represent you as you’d like.

How Should My Emails Sound? 

Just the same as making sure you choose an email address which suits your company, you should make sure that the messages in your emails follow a similar tone!

Again, larger cleaning companies or those who mainly deal with corporate clients should try to remain entirely professional and use a more formal email tone, as this will be more than likely expected by the potential clients who get in touch.

On the other hand, smaller companies or those dealing with the homes of clients may wish to appear more personal, friendly and approachable. Clients who are considering hiring a cleaner for their homes are more likely to respond well to cleaning companies who appear capable, responsible and professional, yet still quite warm and friendly – if they’re going to be sharing their space with you for hours each week, they won’t want a company which appears overly formal or cold.

Again, it’s all down to personal preference of how your company can be best represented, but be sure to make your decision based on the needs and expectations of your clients, as well as the way you wish your company to come across to others.

Maintaining high quality email correspondence with potential clients is incredibly important for any company looking to expand their client-base and maximize their earnings and your company email address is where it all starts!

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